What’s Mind Safe all about?

Adults everywhere use a variety of substances to improve their mood, minds, and bodies: from morning coffee, to cocktail hour, to prescription medication, or recreational substances.

While they are all used in the hopes of improving productivity, relieving physical and emotional pains, or facilitating social interactions, we recognize that any substance use has potential risks.

Mind Safe helps individuals, couples, families, groups, and events mitigate those risks by offering evidence-based and compassionate support services for substance users and their communities.

Our services are customized to the individual or community as we help them plan safer and more productive substance use, as well as manage difficult experiences.



Planning an event or a festival? Make sure everyone plays safe! We bring our expertise in mental health and substance use support along with earplugs, Naloxone kits, safe sex supplies, and other harm reduction materials. We can work with any community or any type of event. We can even help train your volunteers!


We offer a variety of workshops and round-tables for events, groups, or families including Understanding Substances, Responsible Substance Use, Supporting Substance Users, Safer Sex, and Mental Health Management.


Mind Safe can help you understand and manage the effects of a prescribed medication* or a recreational substance. Together with individuals or couples, we help plan for better, safer, and more productive substance use experiences, based on the needs and goals of each user.

*Our services do not replace or supercede the advice of medical professionals like your doctor or pharmacist

« Mind Safe is highly recommended. During an outdoor event, we found ourselves with a need for a harm reduction team, the Mind Safe team stepped right in with no hesitation. No question, without their dedication, compassion and willingness to act, the person in need and the event itself had a massive amount of potential harm reduced. We can’t thank you enough Mind Safe! »

– Craig, Co-Founder/Organizer of Altered Forest

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